A agreement in which one party sells a security to another party and agrees to repurchase it on a specified date for a specified price. See: repurchase agreement. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. repo re‧po 1 [ˈriːpəʊ ǁ -poʊ] noun [countable] FINANCE
1. informal an occasion when someone repossess Es property, or something that has been repossessEd:

• We sell bank repos (= homes that have been repossessed by banks ) .

2. also ˈrepo aˌgreement informal an occasion when the holder of particular bonds sells them and agrees to buy them back on a specific date in the future at a fixed price. central bank S use repos to control the money supply (= the amount of money in the economy) by buying back government bonds for specific periods of time; = REPURCHASE AGREEMENT:

• Repos are a cheap way of raising money.

reˌverse ˈrepo FINANCE
an occasion when a borrower returns money to a lender for a specified time and at an agreed price; = reverse repurchase agreement:

• To drain cash from the market, a central bank can execute reverse repos.

  [m0] II. repo repo 2 verb
repo something → out phrasal verb [transitive] informal FINANCE
to sell bonds in a repo:

• By repoing out their securities, fund managers can earn revenues equivalent to several percentage points on the value of their portfolio.

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   ► See Repurchase Agreement.

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repo UK US /ˈriːpəʊ/ noun INFORMAL
[C] (also repo agreement) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET REPURCHASE AGREEMENT(Cf. ↑repurchase agreement)
[U] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET ABBREVIATION for repurchase: the act of buying back shares, bonds, etc. that you have already sold: »

The creation of repo facilities will make the gilt-edged market more liquid by allowing investors to raise cash by lending their stock.


Britain lags behind America, Germany, France, and Italy in not having a repo market for government stock.

[C] PROPERTY ABBREVIATION for repossession: a house that has been taken by a bank, etc. because the owners cannot pay back the loan that they took to buy it: »

If you buy a repo through an auction, you should check there are no hidden problems.

[U] PROPERTY, FINANCE ABBREVIATION for repossession: the act of taking something from someone because they cannot continue to pay for it : »

Confusion over administration is a common feature of arrears and repo cases.

See also REVERSE REPO(Cf. ↑reverse repo)
repo UK US /ˈriːpəʊ/ verb [T] INFORMAL
ABBREVIATION for repossess: to take back something from someone who is buying it over a period of time because they cannot continue to make payments : »

In many of these cases, the bank is threatening to repo the house.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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